Norfolk, VA Growing Cooler Daily

I’ve been struggling with writing my first blog post.  I stressed over writing about personal issues, things make my life less mundane but I was worried about my tendency to over share.  Then I wanted to write about work, but I worried about my passive aggressive sarcasm not being fully appreciated.  I’m on this spiritual journey and my faith and relationship with God is growing, but I don’t want my sometimes undisciplined walk to cause someone else to stumble.

So, while thumbing through the pages of the March Issue of Entrepreneur Magazine I came across an article spot lighting Drew Ungvarsky.  If you’re like me, you’re wondering who is that.  Drew is a local entrepreneur.  He’s the owner of Grow a digital advertising and production company based in Norfolk, VA!

Well that is just too close to home, Virginia Beach, VA for me not to get excited.  I enjoy reading positive things about people & businesses in my community.  It makes me proud and keeps me hopeful.  Being featured in              Entrepreneur Magazine is impressive.  With a circulation is 600,000. Total readership exceeds 2.4 million per issue.  In their own words they are “the premier source for everything small business”

My  entrepreneur experience is microscopic compared to the people featured between these pages.  I read with the intent to learn.  I especially enjoy those  features that spark my curiosity to the point that I want to explore a topic beyond what I’m reading.  The write-up on Drew Ungvarsky did just that.

Googling you will find they eye-popping website for his business, Grow.  and several nice write ups are featured in our own Virginian-Pilot.  The Entrepreneur article discusses the community building efforts of Drew Ungvarsky.  He’s done some pretty cool things for the city including creating a temporary park “The Plot” on a vacant 2-acre lot that was formally an eyesore. “The Plot” features 3 shipping containers turned on their sides.   Funny I walked by “The Plot” almost daily last year marvelling at it’s creative beauty never realizing it had such a story behind its creation.  The Plot even has Wi-Fi connectivity.  How many city parks can boast that?  Kudos Norfolk!

If you live in Hampton Roads or will be traveling here go to the corner Granby & Main Street to enjoy “The Plot” first hand.  For everyone else here is a photo presentation

I got a burst of renewed creative energy from this one article.  It motivated me into action; I finished my first blog post!


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